Taxes, law, consulting

Consulting – Due to our experience, we are able to offer comprehensive legal, accounting and tax protection. We provide legal services to commercial law entities for many years. We have been cooperating with many entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad for many years. Our services are targeted at small companies as well as capital groups. Our cooperation so far has allowed us to build a substantial portfolio of clients who recommend us to their contractors.


Legal service was initially our main activity in the field of cooperation with companies. Initially, we dealt with legal advice and representation of our clients before the courts. It was only with the development of our company that we decided to mediate in commercial transactions and trade in companies. For this reason, our offer is directed to people looking for long-term partners. When buying a company from our portfolio, you have the option of being served by an entity that has already been involved in its service and knows its legal and financial status.


We work with accounting offices and tax advisors to provide you with financial care of your company. Well-maintained accounting allows you to optimize the costs of your company and reduce the required tax liabilities. Due to the synchronized market in the European Union, you are presented with new possibilities. You have the option of distributing the costs and profits of your company within the capital group. This allows you to use different tax rates in different EU countries, which increases your financial efficiency.


We also offer broadly understood consulting services for companies wanting to appear on the Polish market. Use our knowledge and experience in the field of running a business in Poland. This will increase the chances of success of your enterprise. Our experience so far shows that the vast majority of companies save their financial expenses through initial research on the Polish market. We work with entrepreneurs not only from EU countries but also from the USA, Asia and the Middle East.


If you are interested in the comprehensive care of your company, our offer is addressed to you. By cooperating with our company, you gain access to services that cover a wide range of business activities that affect the financial performance of your venture. CONTACT