Economic activity in Switzerland

Economic activity in Switzerland is preferred by people interested in a stable tax system and over-adopted regulations in the field of banking and financial law. Switzerland has an international reputation as a country with an investor-friendly economic environment. These regulations are precocious for companies operating in the field of the franchise. They enable securing their assets and high tax optimization in the area of enterprises operating in the investment and financial sector.

Of course, finance is not the only type of business that is run in Switzerland. Switzerland has excellent human resources. Swiss engineers, programmers, medics and scientific staff are considered one of the best in the world. In addition, in Switzerland, there is an extensive industrial base in the field of high technologies and know-how, which are sometimes difficult in other countries. The high-tech industry is not limited only to IT but it coincides with medicine, chemistry, metrology and many other areas of the modern economy.


Who can start a business in Switzerland?

Switzerland is not an EU Member State. It is an associated country that connects with the EU a number of agreements allowing for trade, financial and employee transfers. In order to start working in Switzerland ,it is necessary to have a B and C work permit. Assuming a company, you will not get a residence / work permit automatically. In some cantons, it is also important to show that we will have the income needed to cover the costs of living and staying.

What form can you do in Switzerland?

Operations in Switzerland can be carried out on the basis of three sub-grade forms and additional forms for companies with atypical partners’ responsibility.

Forms of activities in Switzerland:

  • individual activity (Einzelunternehmen / Raison individuelle)
  • limited liability company (GmbH / SarL)
  • Spółka akcyjna (AG / SA)
  • collective activity (Kollectivgesellschaft / Société en nom collectif)
  • limited partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft / Société en commandite)

Individual activity (Einzelunternehmen / Raison individuelle)

This is the simplest form of economic activity in Switzerland. As in the case of the Polish counterpart, in the case of business operations, the owner bears personal responsibility for the obligations accepted in the course of the business. At the same time, it is one of the simplest in the assumption and does not require initial capital expenditure. At the same time, Swiss banks treat this type of activity as a second category. To register a business in Switzerland you need to earn more than 2300 CHF and you have at least 3 clients. The activity is registered in the selected branch offices. Registration costs are between CHF 200-500 depending on the canton.


Limited liability company (GmbH / SarL)

A limited liability company is analogous in terms of its operating principles both in Poland and in Switzerland. In this case, the minimum share capital must amount to 20,000. CHF. There are notary costs in the amount of about 500-900 CHF and the cost of entering into the Commercial Register, which is the equivalent of the National Court Register in Poland. Of course, during the existence of the company, it is also necessary to conduct accounting which is an additional cost in the Swiss Franc. However, CIT is very low in Switzerland. It is 8.5%. In addition, VAT rates are among the lowest in Europe and, depending on the type of business, are 8%, 3.6% ly or 2.5%. Which is very beneficial when our business is trade or production.