Selling a company – offer

  • sale of ready-made companies,
  • incorporation of companies,
  • legal advisory,
  • tax advisory,
  • accounting,
  • sale of companies with financial history,
  • companies ready for EU grants,
  • help with obtaining licenses and permits (international transport, fuel trade etc.),
  • incorporation and sale of companies in other EU countries and in locations specified by the client,
  • help in obtaining licenses to run a business abroad (EU countries),
  • a legal and financial audit of companies to be acquired,
  • advisory in the process of acquiring enterprises in Poland and EU,
  • our companies have KRS, NIP, Regon and optionally VAT and VAT-EU,
  • companies we sell have a broad range of services provided in the company incorporation act based on the Polish business activity classification PKD,

Sale of a company

We sell ready-made companies to people that want to quickly start a business. We offer ready-made companies and incorporation of new ones. Additionally, we are interested in buying companies after finished enterprises. Buying a ready-made company allows you to issue VAT invoices and obtaining necessary permits. Ready-made companies are registered as VAT payers and have working bank accounts. The biggest benefit of buying a ready-made company is saving time. In case that we have a foreign buyer and we want to issue an invoice by a foreign company this is the fastest way. This mode of starting a business is still young in Poland but it is gaining popularity. Some of our clients are interested in buying companies outside Poland. In such case, we will take care of arranging this with another law firm on your behalf.


Ready-made companies

Incorporation of companies

Purchase of a company

Foreign and offshore companies


Legal and tax consulting



Sprzedaż spółki - księgowość rachunkowość biuro rachunkowe podatki

When buying a company we offer you additional accounting services by our trusted partners. Ready-made companies can be immediately handled by accounting services with a bank account and issue VAT invoices. Our accounting firms specialize in handling companies and other legal entities. They have been working with us for many years. A dedicated bookkeeping service guarantees your tax security and sound financial reporting. A bookkeeper with company accounts experience will help you in tax and cost optimization. In case that you have a capital group, we can reduce the costs of your enterprise by spreading different types of payment between different countries and legal regimes.


Sprzedaż spółki - podatki

many people decide to buy a ready-made company in order to optimize their taxes. Taxes in different EU countries and outside EU are different for different types of activity. For example the VAT tax in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Germany. A well-constructed capital group allows for reducing the tax expenses. A good example is the Czech Republic where, when buying vehicles you can put all the VAT can be included into costs. In Germany, for example, there are different tax rates for different types of ventures. The common EU market allows using the synchronized TAX regulations to distribute the cost all over the EU.

Virtual Office

Sprzedaż spółki - wirtualne biuro

A virtual office is a service provided for entrepreneurs that are in constant motion. This service allows you to receive all mail under the designated address. The company is registered under that location where all mail can be sent from your clients of tax administration. Due to this solution, we are sure that we will receive all mail either scanned or in the paper form. In case that we do not want to let office space because we are running an internet business, this is a perfect solution for you.

Ready-made companies

A ready-made company is a specific type of entity, which is registered and held by us to be sold. The process of buying such a company can be sold within one day. A ready-made company is a company previously incorporated and prepared to be sold to a client. The same day we will issue all KRS documentation with information provided by the client. This allows changing the headquarters, type of activity, company agreement and statue. In case the changes you want to introduce are more complicated we will help you with preparing the documentation. 

Companies with financial history for loans

Sprzedaż spółki - z historią finansową pod kredytAnother specific type of a company is a ready-made company for a loan. They have financial history documented on their bank accounts.  Such a company can help you in acquiring a loan or leasing agreement. Due to this solution, we can accomplish projects requiring more capital investment. Companies with financial history are sought by many entrepreneurs and due to this fact, they are harder to get. Because of lower supply of this type of companies, their price grows. In case that you need to acquire such company in a short time, we can seek such company on your behalf from other legal practices in a case that you have already made up your mind.



Sprzedaż spółki - doradztwo

The process of incorporation, selling or buying a company can be complicated. If you are afraid that you might make a mistake in this process that might affect your legal or financial situation – we are offering our consulting services. Due to our experience, you will avoid most common mistakes when finalizing the transaction. We will also advise you on how to minimize the transaction and tax costs. We will advise you how to prepare the agreement and all documentation in order to reduce your responsibility in case of any ambiguities in the company’s legal status.