Sales of a company abroad

We also offer sales of a company registered abroad. This allows you to optimize tax and choose a legal regime appropriate for your type of business. Different legal regulations in different countries and other tax rates allow optimization. This happens in the case of transferring the business activity to another legal regime can bring significant tax benefits. For most entrepreneurs, this means an increase in the company’s profitability. Additionally, it allows for further investments to improve the business’s margin.

Companies registered in the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia allow using a lower tax rate. In the case of the Czech Republic, there are still very favorable provisions regarding VAT deductions for the purchase of cars and machines. Another popular legal regime is recently Malta, which has well-defined rules on the sale and marketing of cryptocurrencies. Many companies across Europe are transferring this type of business to Malta. It is mostly due to legal and tax guarantees provided by Malta. There are three acts on the turnover, emission, and processing of virtual financial products. These acts regulate the market in a clear and legible manner for entrepreneurs.

Another example of a country where the establishment of a business is popular in Germany. Many German clients do business only with companies registered in the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany is the largest European market and the most populated country in the Schengen area. The possibility of an easy settlement of commercial transactions in Germany is sometimes about the survival and development of the entire enterprise.

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