Ready-made companies

Ready-made companies allow you to start a business without any unnecessary formalities. A company can be acquired in one day with a bank account and valid VAT payer status. Reducing all the formalities you have the ability to issue invoices within 24 hours from the day of transaction.


What are the specifics of a ready-made company?

Ready-made companies are freshly incorporated or companies that were previously used to run a business. In such case, the company has all the documentation and permits ready for your enterprise:

  • administrative numers associated with business (KRS, REGON, NIP, VAT),
  • paid up initial capital,
  • bank account in PLN and possibility to open a bank account in other currencies,
  • widely declared types of business activities based on Polish classification PKD,
  • all other documents necessary to run a business,


How to acquire a company?

  • contact us,
  • choose a company of your interest,
  • we will prepare the necessary documentation,
  • buying the shares with a notarized document,
  • receive the documentation,


Our companies

Sprzedaż spółki - gotowe spółki

Our companies are newly incorporated or bought from previous entrepreneurs. In case of a company that was previously owned we perform an audit of such a company. The company is checked from a financial and legal perspective. We are very interested in securing our client’s financial security. For that reason, we perform due diligence and sign many security agreements with previous owners. Our main priority is your legal situation and protection from any previous financial liabilities. When buying a company we audit it and check their accounts, balance sheets annual statements. We also collect any documentation connected with previous agreements in order to provide you with a full image of your enterprise.


What should I do?

Contact us and describe us your needs. Based on this information we will advise you about the legal form of your company. If in the current moment we do not possesses a company suiting your needs we can help you find such an entity. In this tab you can find all the contact information, our phone number and email. CONTACT