Purchase of a company

Purchase of a company by our firm is a very good and fast way of ending your enterprise. We are looking for companies with revenue and financial history. We will help you in all of the formalities and buy the company from you. If you have already found a client for your business part. We can organize the separation of the company from the business.


Wholesale purchase of companies

We are interested in clean companies with no obligations, companies in debt and companies in bankruptcy. The sale of a company is a very good solution when the company has financial problems. In case that it is necessary to start the bankruptcy, liquidation or resolution procedure. We are able to carry out such a process and the previous turnover and the company’s internship are valuable for other entrepreneurs. We will help you in all formalities so that the entire transaction is as comfortable and safe as possible for you from a legal perspective.


Contact Us!

If you are interested in selling a company, please contact us.

We will make an initial analysis of the company and present you our offer!