Company incorporation

Company incorporation is an offer targeted at clients that want to start a business as an incorporated company. This service takes more time, compared to ready-made companies. Due to our experience, we will help you in preparation of the company agreement and statue so they will meet your business requirements.


We offer incorporation:

  • general partnership,

  • partner company,

  • limited liability company,

  • partnership – limited responsibility,

  • limited stock-partnership,

  • stock company,

  • foundations and associations,


Our company will help you in realization of this process and advise on every step:

  • selection of the type of a company,

  • preparation of the company agreement,

  • preparation of the company statue,

  • handling of the agreement signing and acquiring of the shares,

  • incorporation of the company,


Selection of the company type

Type of the company has far-reaching consequences into many aspects of its inner workings. Company type defines the relations and obligation between the partners. This also has an effect on the relations between partners and the board of managers. Different types of companies are more suitable for different types of business activity. Different types companies offer different responsibility of the partners and the board of managers.


Preparation of the company agreement and statue

Company agreement defines the rules of the company and its internal relations. Preparation of the company agreement is very important and affects the future of the company itself. You have to ascertain the mode in which you change the agreement itself or how the company ends its existence. Statue of the company provides rules and regulations on how to run the company that is easier to change during the time the company is functioning. Our experience will help you avoid common mistakes and secure your interests as a company partner.


Handling of the shares acquiring

We will help you in process of choosing the notary that will notarize all of the documents. Afterwards, we will organize the first partners/shareholders meeting during which we will duly inform you about your rights and obligations – describe your rights and obligation in relation to the company itself. Additionally, we will also help you conduct the first shareholders meeting and the election of the company CEO.


Company incorporation

Our service includes the formal lodging of the documentation to the KRS (Register Court), and other elements in order to successfully incorporate a company. Proper document preparation and registration are conditions that are necessary in order for a company to become a fully incorporated entity.



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