Companies with financial history and turnover

Companies with financial history and turnover make it easier to obtain a loan or lease agreement. A newly established company without financial history may have problems with obtaining financing from the bank. This is due to the total lack of financial history. The situation of a company with at least one year of documented revenues allows for applying for a credit line or leasing.

Our companies with financial history and turnover have full financial documentation. This documentation combined with bank account statements and correctly filed tax documentation. The balance sheet for the previous financial years and properly submitted VAT declarations allow your company to obtain the necessary cash. This is one of the best methods to quickly obtain external financing.


Our companies for loans

Our companies for sale have KRS, REGON, NIP and VAT-EU numbers. Thanks to that, you have the opportunity to start business throughout the European Union. The quick complementation of the necessary documentation and the ease of acquiring such an entity give you the opportunity to start the procedure of applying for a lease or a loan within 24 hours.

Companies for sale with financial history and turnover are a fully formed entity suitable for starting operations. Of course, the company’s age and turnover have an impact on its price. The older the company or the more it had in previous years, the higher its price. Not in every case should you be guided by your previous turnover. You definitely should look for entities with a stable and long history. We will advise in this area.


Benefits of a company with a financial history

An additional benefit associated with the purchase of such a company is the possibility of tax write-offs for previous years. In many cases, there are many companies that have reported losses. Such companies are very valuable from the perspective of tax optimization. They allow you to reduce your income tax liability. Such an enterprise allows for a large margin of maneuver in obtaining a lease and subsequent settlement of tax receivables.